Use A Computer

Library PCs

The Lamoni Public Library has six desktop computers available for community use (reservations for a computer can be made for work or school purposes by calling ahead), as well as free wifi for cell phone and personal computer use. There is no password required.

Rules of Public Access Computer Use:

1. You must sign in before and after you use a computer.

2. All patrons are allowed ONLY one hour.

3. Only one person allowed at a computer at a time.

4. Not listening to the Librarians will get you kicked off the computer or your time taken away from you.

5. Exceptions can be made for patrons after talking to a Library Staff member

Laptops (Chromebooks)

The library has two Chromebook laptops that can be checked out for use within the library. Chromebooks are designed to allow access to all kinds of online resources using the Google Chrome browser, and are suitable for such things as web browsing, viewing videos, using email, and accessing web-based documents (e.g. files on Google Drive).

Chromebooks are lightweight, have a long battery life, and so are suitable to be used at the tables, chairs or couches throughout the library.

When you check out a Chromebook, you will need to leave a driver’s license or similar ID at the circulation desk as a security deposit.

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