The library has the capability to fax, scan, print, and copy documents or images.  

Printing and Copying

Prices, per page side, are as follows:

For regular 8×11 sizing:  10¢ for Black & White  &  50¢ for Color  

For Poster Size 11×17: $1 

We don't have mobile to print capibilities.  Individuals can use a public access computer or send your printing to the Staff email. Documents will not be printed until you arrive at the library.


$1 for 1-3 pages & 25¢ for each additional page.

The same costs apply to receive a fax. Please call ahead of time so that librarians can be ready.


We now have the capability to scan physical documents/images directly to E-mail, USB drive, or to one of our Public Access Computers.  We can create PDF or .jpeg files when scanning.